Homes in northern St. James Parish beginning to flood

Homes in northern St. James Parish beginning to flood

ST. JAMES PARISH, LA (WVUE) - The people of Grand Point and Paulina are nervous tonight. The water is rising, and there are now two houses in Grand Point that have flooded.

On Tuesday the roads were dry. Now there is water on Longview Street, and it is slowly creeping up to homes. The people here have been preparing for this for days.

Parish workers and volunteers filled and distributed 50,000 sandbags, and people are still waiting in line for them.

Hundreds of homes have sandbags surrounding them. Some residents have left the area, but the majority say they'll stay to fight the flood. Many have pumps between the sandbags around their homes. When the water begins to sleep under the sandbags, it's pumped out. It's a long process, but residents believe it will be enough to save their homes.

"Well we want to protect our homes," said Elise Gaudet. "If you have the equipment, have the pumps to pump out as much water as you can, usually that's what we do when it crosses over the sandbags. The last time it worked. This time I don't know if it is going to work, but that is basically what it is. We have four pumps ready. If I have to leave, I have to go. We probably will stay till the end to try to save our homes."

The last time this area flooded was during Hurricane Isaac. We took a ride a little while ago to the boat launch at the Blind River where all of this back water is coming from. The sheriff showed us the gauge there and he said the water right now is as high as it was during Isaac.

The problem is, it is still unclear how high the water will get. The sheriff believes it will come in slow and stay for several days.

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