Makeshift shelter filled with rescued pets looking for their owners

Makeshift shelter filled with rescued pets looking for their owners

(WVUE) - The Lamar Dixon Expo Center usually houses livestock. On Wednesday night, it was filled with pets needing to be reunited with their owners after being separated in the South Louisiana floods.

"Everything from dogs and cats to pigs, horses, goats, lambs, cows, everything around here," said rescuer Jesse White.

White rescued pups, apparently abandoned as the waters rose.

"My heart just breaks," he said. "I'm a big dog guy. I wish I could take every last one of them, but unfortunately I can't."

So he brought them to the makeshift shelter at Lamar Dixon, where they'll get a bath, food, a little love and a safe place to stay.

"My dogs are my world, I can't even imagine half of them, not knowing, how far they're spread out," said volunteer Elizabeth Osburn.

Osburn came in from Mississippi to help. Armed with her microchip-scanning tool, she's trying everything she can to get the displaced animals home.

The animals have seen so much - some rescued just before the torrent swept them away.

"We had one guy that drove up in his boat yesterday with a Cur, a 10-month cur puppy, kind of big, and he had been riding around in his boat, saw the dog, and he said had it been 60 more seconds, that dog would've gone under," said Valerie Hoffman with Cara's House. "That dog got in his boat and never moved."

Some of the pets, though, just need a place to stay for now - like Paula Lowery's blind cat and her sidekick holed up in a livestock pen after they escaped floods with their owner.

"The water, you know I told my roommate, the water is coming in," Lowery said. "You could see it right at the precipice and I was gonna stay because I didn't think it was gonna get that high."

Lowery is in a nearby shelter that doesn't allow pets, but her brief visits with them are enough to her by, for now.

"I got my babies, I'm just ecstatic, I mean sublime," she said.

Volunteers encourage owners to visit the shelter and see if their pets are among the rescued.

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