Four homes take on water as St. James Parish sees rising water

Gramercy homeowner copes with five inches of water in her kitchen

ST. JAMES PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Water made its way int some homes in St. James Parish on Thursday and the situation is only expected to get worse as the Amite River has not yet crested.

St. James Parish President Timmy Roussel said four homes in Gramercey have taken on water.

Three homes are in an area that has previously flooded. The fourth is the home of a family that is on vacation in Florida.

Longview Street in Paulina is taking on water. Residents say water has risen nearly six inches overnight.

The area is flooding because of back flow coming from the Blind River.

Homeowner Arlene Madere said the water came in slowly, but sandbags surrounding her property could not keep it out.

"It hurts you know, it hurts. We don't have much but the little bit we have we didn't want to lose it, but we have no choice, it's gone," Madere said.

Roussel said parish officials are looking at Amite River and French Settlement gauges which indicate the river is supposed to crest at some point Thursday afternoon.

Some areas FOX 8 reported on Wednesday are not accessible this morning.

Most are relying on sandbags to protect their homes. Some have even made homemade levees for protection.

But still, no one knows how high the water will rise.

Some streets that were clear yesterday are covered in water this morning and have been shut down by sheriff's deputies.

"We still need God to step in and slow the water down and have that recede. It could very well be that we have water stacking up through Sunday but we certainly pray for something better than that," Gramercy Mayor Steve Nosacka said.

In Ascension Parish, one man who grew up in St. Amant is now acting as a guide for crews trying to rescue people stranded in their homes.

Yesterday Nicholas Martin took the Cajun Navy from home to home looking for anyone remaining inside.

He said seeing the neighborhood he is so familiar with under water was more traumatic than he imagined.

State officials say more than 30,000 people in Louisiana have been rescued from flooding over the last week.

Door-to-door searches resume today in Livingston Parish.

More than 100 first responders from across the state will help in the effort.

The Louisiana State Fire Marshal says crews will search nearly 40,000 homes over the next week and a half in parishes impacted by the flooding.

Today St. James Parish public schools and all state government offices in the parish are closed.

However, all parish government offices are open today.

Also, St. John the Baptist Parish public schools will be open today.

The parish says it looks like the risk of major flooding is minimal.

School district officials say they will continue to monitor water levels and make changes if necessary.

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