Saints continue training camp in Texas

Saints continue training camp in Texas

(WVUE) - The last leg of the Saints American training camp tour started Thursday in Houston. In the last four weeks the Saints have camped in West Virginia, to New England, back to The Greenbrier, and now in Texas. The globetrotting camp received a thumbs up from all players involved.

"We knew what it was coming in. We've always been pretty good at making adjustments, planning accordingly," said Saints quarterback Drew Brees. "At the end of the day you want to do what's best for your team. Felt like getting away once again this year to West Virginia was what was best for our team. I felt like we got great work done there. Felt like our joint practices with New England were really, really good. I felt like there was a lot of takeaways from that first preseason game, a lot of things to improve upon. Felt like today was a little sloppy. I don't want to give ourselves any excuses, but you travel here different environment."

"Being at The Greenbrier, being in New England, being at Greenbrier, now in Houston. Kind of flew by for us. We'll be back in New Orleans after this preseason game Saturday. I think the change in scenery, practicing with different teams, has made the flow of camp go smoother," said Saints running back Mark Ingram.

"It's good to be in a different city, different area, go against a different team. It gets agitating being at The Greenbrier, seeing that wallpaper every day," said safety Kenny Vaccaro.

The Saints and Texans will hold one more practice tomorrow. It'll be a walk through, they want go full speed. It's closed to the media and fans. 

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