St. James residents still holding back the water

St. James residents still holding back the water

ST. JAMES PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Once again people in St. James Parish are anxiously watching water levels.

Residents in St. James Parish are guarding their homes against the threat of rising flood water this morning.

It's a task residents say they find exhausting, but necessary.

So far, four homes have suffered water damage in St James.

Three had sandbags, one did not.

The water is rising slowly which is good news, buts it's still inching closer and closer to homes.

Sandbags are helping to protect houses as people from across the parish came together to fill bags for people who still needed them.

The water from the Blind River has now reached the same level of the water that flooded so many St. James homes during Hurricane Isaac.

For so many people, this is just a waiting game as they hope for the best.

Some roads are back open again including the Gramercy exit at Interstate 10.

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