Sorrento store eager to reopen after flooding

Sorrento store eager to reopen after flooding

SORRENTO, LA (WVUE) - Outside Ryan's Family Grocery, thousands of dollars worth of product sits in dumpsters after three feet of flood waters ravaged the store.

"I kind of looked at the place and I was like, how are we ever gonna do this," said Briley Brooks, the store owners' daughter. "From the back of the store, there were things floating all over the place."

Brooks' mother, Jessica Brooks, could hardly believe the mess flood water left in her store.

"Looking in the building, it was devastated, I cried, it was very sad I saw all my stuff floating, everything that I have, I do not have flood insurance, this is our life, this is how I feed our family and take care of our community," Brooks said.

But she won't wait to start cleaning, enlisting help from family, friends, and employees, all eager to get the shelves filled again.

"This is our life, so the quicker you can help and more you can help, the faster we can get back to normal and start working again, back to everyday life," Lacey Brown, one of the grocery store's employees, said.

It's why Brooks is determined to get her store open again and serving the community.

"I really want to get my business up and running as quickly as possible. People are trying to get gas, they're trying to get food, they're trying to get things for their families that they need," Jessica Brooks said. "To have something familiar that's open that they can come to and walk to the door and have a friendly face and know that we're here ready to serve them, that would make a huge difference."

She said she hopes to have her store at the corner of Airline Hwy and LA 22 reopened sometime next week.

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