Witnesses describe shootout that killed suspect, wounded officer

Witnesses describe shootout that killed suspect, wounded officer

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - State and local authorities in New Orleans are searching for two men wanted in connection with a shooting in the Seventh ward that left one man dead and a Louisiana State trooper injured.

It started late Sunday afternoon near Hardin Park at the corner of New Orleans and Law streets.
New Orleans police say a state trooper was trying to pull over the driver of a stolen vehicle.

Three men jumped out of the car and one started shooting at the trooper, hitting him in the elbow.

Police say the three men ran into the neighborhood and one of them started to shoot at New Orleans police officers and troopers near the park before police killed him.

Neighbors who saw the shootout say they originally thought everything was okay when they saw more police cars arrive.

"I thought it was safe to come out, next thing you know they're shooting and the police are shooting and then it's a gun battle, said Nody Roche.
"It sounded like I was in the movies in Vietnam, pop, pop, pop, pop. I had to duck and dive and weave again," Roche said.

Police swat teams closed off a number of streets in the area, searching homes and yards for the two men who ran off.

Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to contact Crimestoppers.

The state trooper is expected to be okay.
Police haven't identified the man killed.

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