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St. Tammany citizen says thank you to a parish deputy ... changes his flat tire

(Source: STPSO) (Source: STPSO)

Here’s a man-bites-dog story with a happy ending.

Usually, stories of police officers helping stranded motorists go unreported, slipping into history as another instance of public service and a job well done.

This time, it was a citizen coming to the aid of a stranded St. Tammany Parish deputy.

Saturday night, Deputy Sam Hyneman had a flat tire and pulled off at a local gas station to change it.

As Hyneman started changing the tire, a young man walked up and offered to help.

Hyneman was pleasantly surprised and somewhat shocked at this man’s offer, according to a release from the St Tammany Parish sheriff.

Joseph Butters said he offered to change the tire so Hyneman didn’t get his uniform dirty.

Butters said he wanted to thank all St. Tammany deputies for the work they do.

The sheriff’s department returned the thank saying “your kindness and your message means a lot to us.”

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