Map shows scope of Louisiana flooding

Map shows scope of Louisiana flooding

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The Stephenson Disaster Management Institute at LSU pulled together data to create a map that gives a good scope of Louisiana's flooding.

The New York Times featured the map data in an online report. LSU geographers used hand drawn maps, 911 reports, radar data and sophisticated software to map the areas that got hit.

Giant splotches of blue cover East Baton Rouge Parish. They also cover Livingston Parish to the east of Baton Rouge; much of the parish was underwater.

LSU researchers warn that the data were collected from parish officials, and some parishes are much more precise than others. For instance, some parishes were able to compile 911 call data that pinpointed trouble spots. Other parishes were not able to provide such precision, so the map of those areas indicate a broader but more generalized impact.

Also, the map is not comprehensive; LSU stopped at the parish line in Ascension.

The New York Times says flooding in Ascension was based on 100-year flood maps. And then west, toward the Lafayette area, the floodwaters receded last. The amount of water topped 6.9 trillion gallons.

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