Adopt-A-Block security camera program grows

Adopt-A-Block security camera program grows

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - More security cameras are rolling in New Orleans now, thanks to a program that is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

Adopt-A-Block started in August of last year and is growing. The People's United Methodist Church in Central City was the first to sign up for cameras in August of 2015. The initiative was started by the NOPD and The New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation.

"This place has a lot of shootings going on, and we have a lot of activity going on on the back street," said the Rev. Eunice Chigumira.

She said she knows God is watching, but when someone vandalized the church sign in January, electronic eyes were watching, too.

"We were able to realize who it was because they used the cameras," she said.

NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison said there are more than 200 cameras rolling in 65 locations in the city.

"Those cameras are registered with  SafeCam NOLA's database, and that allows detectives to know where cameras are and how to contact those owners," he said.

Donations from several  groups, like the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors and the DDD, make it possible for people who want to host cameras to get them at no charge. The chief says the NOPD has been able to solve a large number of crimes because of them.

If you'd like  to host a camera with Adopt-A-Block, or if you want to register a personal camera with the NOPD's SafeCam NOLA data base, click here.

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