NOPD releases 'use of force' data

NOPD releases 'use of force' data

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "So, this is number one - our agreement and promise to the citizens to be totally transparent," says NOPD Chief Michael Harrison.

With a few clicks on the NOPD's website, anyone will now have access to policing data.

"We partnered with the White House, called the White House open data initiative, where we agreed to make public certain types of data for our citizens," says Harrison.

The NOPD is one of 21 police departments around the country participating in the White House initiative, but Harrison says the NOPD is one of the first to publish the data on its website.

On the site, you'll be able to see data for things like, calls for service, stop and search, and use of force.

"So what you're going to see is all our use of force data broken down by type, and it allows us to take that data for you to see what officers are doing, what officers have been accused of doing, and what level of force we've had to use. All of that's been made readily available," says Harrison.

The use of force data is the latest to be released. The NOPD says it's raw data, meaning you'll be able to see it on the website just 24 hours after the incident occurs.

"We were open and transparent reporting that internally, and now reporting it externally to the citizens. They'll be able to see date, time, locations, ages and types of force used. They can look at that and see exactly what their police department is doing," says Harrison.

Harrison says it's about building trust. He also pointed out that the NOPD is using a new use of force policy approved by the Justice Department. The policy requires officers to document their actions in a more comprehensive way. He says it will give the public an even deeper look into what's going on.

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