After Further Review: Three takes from Saints vs. Steelers

After Further Review: Three takes from Saints vs. Steelers

(WVUE) - The Saints lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-14 on Friday in their third preseason game of 2016.

Take one: Offensive line issues are very real

Sean Payton didn't even have to be asked, he voluntarily opened his press conference with how concerned he was with his offensive line. Protection was a problem once again Friday against a very good team that they game-planed for. This group as it currently stands is simply not good enough. The Saints must make some kind of move to bring another player to enhance the talent. If not, it could be a very long season.

Take two: Saints defense wasn't prepared for Steelers' no huddle attack.

Two steps back for a defense that showed promise this preseason. The one thing that struck me was how unprepared the defense seemed for the quick, no huddle passing attack from Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers came out with nine straight short passes that put Saints defenders on their heels. I'm not sure the Saints were expecting a no huddle attack in preseason. Perhaps they would have been more prepared for that during a regular season game. Either way, it wasn't a good look.

In all, the Steelers accumulated 231 yards in the first quarter.

Take three: TommyLee Lewis will make the roster 

On a positive note, TommyLee Lewis strikes again. He has become the player that Sean Payton talks about who, regardless of position, has played his way onto the roster. Every time he gets an opportunity, he makes a play. Tonight, it came on a touchdown pass from Garrett Grayson.

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