U.S. Navy saves two men after seeing SOS in the sand

U.S. Navy saves two men after seeing SOS in the sand

(WVUE) - An incredible rescue in the Western Pacific.

The U.S. Navy says two mariners were found Thursday on an uninhabited island in Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia after writing "SOS" in the beach. They were rescued on Friday.

The two men had been stranded on the island for eight days with limited supplies and no emergency equipment.

The Coast Guard began looking for the men's 18-foot vessel after it was reported missing on August 19. The men trying to get to Tamatam Island from Weno Island when something went wrong and they washed ashore on the uninhabited island.

During the search, someone reported flashing lights. When a crew went to investigate the flashing lights, they found the SOS in the sand and relayed the information back to search and rescue crews at Coast Guard Sector Guam.  The Navy says the survivors were picked up and transferred by the patrol boat Palikir to Nomwin Atoll.

Aircraft and boat patrols searched more than 16,000 square miles before finding the men.

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