LSU Tigers ready to capitalize in 2016

LSU Tigers ready to capitalize in 2016

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - When Leonard Fournette, Malachi Dupre, Brandon Harris, Jamal Adams and their talent-loaded 2014 recruiting class committing to LSU two and a half years ago, this is exactly what they had in mind. Many from that class could be playing their last season in purple and gold, and their chances at winning a national title are the best they've been since 2011.

"Being in college and seeing how fast those two years went by, it's just crazy," says Fournette. "Each and every day, you've seen how people have grown up. Everything we're going through right now is what we pictured coming here in our freshman year."

The key words there are grown up. For the first time since he's been a Tiger, Brandon Harris isn't watching his back or trying to play catch-up in a quarterback battle, and Leonard Fournette, who's never been shy about his personal goals, isn't boasting about them. Instead, his vision is clearly locked on priority number one.

"At the end of the day, my main goal is to win a championship and nothing less," says Fournette. "With everything that's going on in Louisiana, I think the championship would help out a lot."

That maturity is echoed throughout the rest of the roster as well.

"I think this team wants more," says head coach Les Miles. "There are a group of leaders that have really insisted on some things that we need to do as a team and some things that we need not do. I think they're going to enjoy Saturday night and Saturday afternoon much more than other times socially."

If the Tigers can stick that mentality the next three months, the championship talk could go from a dream to reality. The tools are all there from the player personnel to the coaching staff. All LSU needs is to execute.

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