Saints will play starters in fourth preseason game

Saints will play starters in fourth preseason game

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The fourth preseason game, for most it's a chance for the starters to rest while the bubble players battle for a roster spot.

But for the Saints, Sean Payton is taking a different approach.

"Our plan early in the first quarter is to play our starters and then make a transition at some point," Payton said.

That includes Drew Brees which could be a sign of concern of where this team currently stands and that they need more reps together before the games start to count.

"We have a lot to work on, coming off of last week and it's just part of the process. We have things that we are trying to fine-tune, some things that are still in the works to be honest with you, to be expected in Week Four of preseason," Brees said.

However, despite how bad things have looked there has been proof that past preseason issues don't always equal regular season worry. The most obvious example is 2006. After going 1-3 in preseason, they made a run to the NFC title game.

 "I've been part of plenty of preseasons where we looked like rock stars," Brees said. We were 4-0, 3-1 and we had a slow start to the season. I've also been on teams where we looked awful and we jumped out to a fast start. So, does preseason perfectly indicate what's going to happen in the regular season? No, it doesn't."

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