Workout Wednesday: Spiderman crawl with Prime Fitness RX

Workout Wednesday: Kristi Coleman shows you how to do a full body workout

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Sacha Owens, co-owner of Prime Fitness RX shakes up Workout Wednesday with a quick yet powerful full body cardio workout.

Dive bomber: Start in a plank-like position but with feet and hands spread wide apart keeping backside pointed up. Motion body "under the fence," curl under and then back up positioning backside up. This is the only type of push up where you will need to keep the butt up between motions. This exercise engages the core and should be done until the body tires. This exercise is done solely with your body weight.

Battle ropes: Sit in a squat position and make small waves with the rope. If you are a beginner, try for 30 seconds. If advanced, do exercise until the body tires.

Crawl and drag: Get down into a gladiator plank position. Next, crawl like Spiderman for three steps followed by dragging 10 pound weight forward. Be sure to keep the backside down while doing this exercise. After going forward, try the crawling backward.

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