Die-hard Saints fans excited to meet team at annual luncheon

Saints meet and greet fans, Wednesday, during annual luncheon

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Die hard Saints fans got a rare opportunity to meet the entire Saints organization, Wednesday. The team took over the third floor at the Canal Street Sheraton at the Touchdown Club of New Orleans Annual charity luncheon. "We have so many great memories, 50 years of memories," Joann Louque said.

When the Saints came marching into this event the tunnel literally exploded with excitement. "This one is very special with the Touchdown Club," Louque said.

Owner Tom Benson appeared first on the dais. Louque added, "It brings all the fans together this is the only one that I know of that the entire team comes to, the owner all the coaches. We all love it."

Louque knows a few things about the Saints.  "We've been there since day one. We had eight season tickets,"  said Joan Breaux, Louque's mother.

Joan's husband, Charles said, "We all sat on the same row so we can keep track of them."

Even dinner time focused on football. "We would yell out a number of a player and everyone had to know that players name and we would play games like that all the time," Louque said.

The whole family pointed to Joan as the leader. "We went to all the preseason games that Dave Dixon arranged and we went to the first game and John Gilliam ran the ball back and I said I'll never miss a Saints' game as long as I live," Joan said.

Now the team and fans are family. "We just love the guys and the games and we go there and we come here just to see our friends. You don't have to be a player, just be a Saints fan," Charles said.

Sales from Wednesday's luncheon are donated to charity, and the event kicks off another season of memories.

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