Glen Cuiellette 'fired up' for first start at quarterback for Tulane

Glen Cuiellette 'fired up' for first start at quarterback for Tulane

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - When you get your first start in college, the most important thing is getting that name right on television. With Glen Cuiellette, we went to the source.

"Alright Glen, tough first question here, Coo-yeah or Coo-YET?"

"Coo-YET," he responded.

Well now that the name game is out of the way, we can focus on Cuiellette getting his first start. He found out last Friday he was QB1.

"It's fun now to go out there and share those moments with them, and look back at it one day. Even more, my parents have been supportive, and a lot of friends and family from home. It's a proud moment for them, to see me do what I said. I was more proud of myself because I showed I can do it," said Glen Cuiellette.

His first start comes tonight against Wake Forest. The last time he huddled up with the first string, in 2014 at Mandeville High.

"Very fired up. Nerves haven't hit me yet, probably hit me during meetings. Probably hit me the day of the game. Right now I'm just focused on execution, and doing everything I've been doing thus far to separate myself. No pressure really. Just go out there and have fun, that's the way I think about it," said Cuiellette.

It's evident Cuiellette is ready to roll tonight, but will the offensive playbook be 100 percent used in his debut?

"We threw everything at him at the beginning. Some people go part, part, whole. We give them whole, then cut it back. About nine practices ago we really zeroed in on what we're going to run for the Wake Forest game," said Tulane Head Coach Willie Fritz.

Cuiellette got one snap his freshman year. A kneel down in a win against Maine.

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