Why is everyone talking about #YouTubeIsOverParty?

Why is everyone talking about #YouTubeIsOverParty?

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - YouTube changed its content moderation system and it left many of its video creators wondering how they can survive on the popular website.

People who post video that is deemed inappropriate for advertising. Anyone who has spent time on YouTube knows that many of the videos are filled with profanity and other adult or offensive content.

Some call YouTube's moderation system unfair and a form of censorship. YouTube says the policy has been in place for a while.

Popular YouTube poster Philip DeFranco brought the new policy to light when he noticed his videos were being flagged.

A YouTube representative told Kotaku that the change was supposed to alert posters that their content was not ad-friendly, and give them a chance to appeal a flagged video.

YouTube posted continued to defend its new moderation system in its forum Thursday afternoon, creating a post titled, "A Clarification on Our Ads Monetization Policies."

"Today, it's become clear to us that there is some confusion in the creator community, so we wanted to take a moment to clarify things: we did not change our policy of demonetizing videos that may not be appropriate for Google's brand advertisers," it reads. "Nor have we changed how these policies are enforced."

Whether YouTube representatives call it a change in their moderation system or a change in policy, the controversy became the number one trending subject on Twitter on Thursday with the hashtag #YouTubeIsOverParty.

Some of the platforms most popular and frequent users wonder how they will survive if they cannot monetize their product.

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