Football, Fútbol, Food: Polls, Premier League, Part & Parcel

Football, Fútbol, Food: Polls, Premier League, Part & Parcel


Preseason polls draw the ire of many a college football fan every August when they're released. The poll goes for more hype than substance the naysayers point out.

I'm a voter in the Associated Press college football poll, and I feel the opposite of preseason rankings. It sparks debate amongst fans and gives the media a starting point to rate these schools.

My AP top three consisted of Alabama, LSU, and Clemson. All could no doubt get beat this weekend, and turn the poll upside down. I picked Tennessee at #10, so these polls aren't perfect. The Volunteers hype train was over packed in August but almost fell off the rails last night against Appalachian State.

Alabama sat at the top of my poll because they're the champ, and stacked again at every spot. LSU is still a "show me" team in 2016. They possess an insane amount of talent, but can their quarterback deliver. I think the LSU-Alabama matchup in November will determine the SEC West and SEC champ. Right now I go with home field advantage, and Tiger Stadium is the venue.


I'll admit it, I'm part of the problem when it comes to soccer in America. I wake up every weekend at 6:30 a.m. to watch the English Premier League. I believe the best talent in the world plays in England, and the games are flat-out riveting drama.

Major League Soccer on the other hand, just doesn't catch my attention as much. Yes, yes, I know it's growing, and the talent level is improving. I'm an NFL guy, not a Canadian Football League fan. That's a fair comparison in the EPL-MLS debate.

Hey, I'm trying to change my ways with my MLS viewing. I attended the Chicago Fire-New England Revolution match recently. It's baby steps, but It's a good start I think.


In this space recently I pumped up the future opening of Part and Parcel. A new sandwich shop in South Market District. Part and Parcel is brought to you by the guys who introduced us to Root and Square Root.

After a month of traveling with the Saints, I finally made it into P&P, and it was worth the wait. I'm a huge fan of the Cubano from Butcher, I probably order it once a month. I found a worthy opponent at P&P with the "The Gordy."

Gordy consists of mojo pork shoulder, ham, swiss, spicy pickle, dijon, and Cuban bread. I ate only half of it for lunch because I wanted to savor the other portion for dinner.

Another sandwich gaining popularity at Part and Parcel is "T.A.S.T.E." A mouth-watering mixture of smoked turkey, avocado, seasonal sprouts, tomato, fried egg, chipotle aioli, and Gracious Bakery ciabatta. It's no doubt next on my list.

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