FEMA travels door to door to assist residents in Tangipahoa Parish

FEMA door to door

TANGIPAHOA PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Three weeks after as much as 2 feet of rain, FEMA workers personally went to flood ravaged parishes.

"We're giving housing and rental assistance for repairs to their homes," says volunteer Keith Beisler.

Near Hammond, off of Calmes Lane, they met up with flood victim Charles Stuart.

"Oh yeah, they welcome," says Stuart.

Stuart says in 30 years he has never seen water like that.

"When they say flash flood, that's what it was. Right now we at a standstill. Got to get back in the house."

The FEMA workers were joined by members of FEMA Corps offering a wide range of services.

"We have three other teams and Tangipahoa to assist," says Beisler.

Some recipients are reporting wide disparities in FEMA grants. FEMA says that those in need should keep trying.

"If you don't agree you can appeal your case."

A big part of the effort is to find those who are disabled that suffered through the flood.

Volunteer Amber McGuire says that FEMA is also looking to assist disabled residents in need of assistance to replace any medical needs that were lost.

"Maybe they lost medication or a prosthetic they needed and that's why we are here," says McGuire.

FEMA says it does not look at income when granting awards but it does look at whether a flood victim has insurance.

Stuart is one of the lucky ones. He has no flood insurance but he's gotten a sizable grant of over $20,000. He also has a trailer he got just before the flood but has no idea how long it will take to get back to the house.

"It's hard getting materials and help," says Stuart.

FEMA says they will remain on the job for as long as it takes.

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