FOOTBALL, FÚTBOL, FOOD: LSU drops big-time in my AP Poll, and how to avoid the big lines at Parkway.

FOOTBALL, FÚTBOL, FOOD: LSU drops big-time in my AP Poll, and how to avoid the big lines at Parkway.


I woke up Sunday morning in a Green Bay-area hotel with a feeling of disbelief. I kept asking myself, how did I let LSU do this to me again? I blindly bought into the hype, when I've seen the results so closely since the 2012 BCS Championship Game.

The blowout of Texas Tech, the top ten recruiting class, the talk of Brandon Harris getting more experience in the Tiger offense, I bought it all. Heck, I voted LSU #2 in my Associated Press preseason rankings.

At Lambeau Field I got my payback for being a purple and gold believer. The offensive line nonexistent, Harris off the mark on almost half of his passes, and the play calling really didn't change a bit.

I'm back to reality with LSU, voted them #22 in my AP rankings this week. Wins against Jacksonville State, and Mississippi State will barely move that ranking. Wins at Auburn and Florida can get this season back on track, but I'll be more careful this time with my Tiger beliefs.


The new normal in college football is early enrollees. They graduate in December of their senior seasons so they can participate in spring drills. It's tough for these kids to give up their final semesters of being kings at their schools, but two examples this past weekend show why it works.

Quarterbacks Jalen Hurts of Alabama, and Shane Buechele of Texas, both led their teams to wins on national television. The two combined for seven touchdowns and possibly won starting gigs going forward.

Those kids gave up one semester of high school to fulfill their college dreams. Now take it numerous steps forward and you have the story of Christian Pulisic.

Pulisic grew up in Hershey, PA., but his soccer dreams have made him global. He's trained at some of the biggest academies in the world as a teenager and finally landed at Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund. He's 17-years old living in a strange land. But doesn't regret a thing.

The drastic moves paid off this past Friday. Pulisic notched his first goal for the United States National Team in a World Cup qualifier, and then scored another one in the same match against St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

His maiden goal saw him become the USA's youngest player to score in a World Cup qualifier at 17 years, 349 days old. Who needs prom, when you can become a legend worldwide.


One of my favorite shrimp po-boys in New Orleans is at Parkway Bakery. I go there often, and always get a fantastic meal.

Parkway is also a fave for many other locals, and its popularity is star-studded. When Barack Obama and Beyoncé order sandwiches from your spot, you've hit a whole new restaurant stratosphere.

I was once again reminded of Parkway's popularity on Labor Day. I sat down with my beloved po-boy right before the lunch rush and watched the line grow exponentially over a 30-minute period. Tourists from around the country hit Parkway at the same time, but unknown to them, they  went to the main line.

Here's a few tips on your next visit to avoid a massive wait. Call in your order, pick it up at the bar, and eat wherever you want. I prefer to eat in the bar area, and avoid the craziness in the back. Or order at the bar when you arrive, and take it outside. All work well for me, and you won't wait 45 minutes for that beautiful po-boy.

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