The Extra Point: Week 1

The Extra Point: Week 1

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The Extra Point Week 1

The goal of The Extra Point is to, indeed, get you that extra point whether it be your kicker, defense or running back that falls forward one more yard and gives you that win to get into the playoffs or more importantly, get you bragging rights.

Full disclosure: The last fantasy league I won was two years ago, but I think that's about on par with most.

That being said, we're on the verge of a new season so I won't waste your time.

This week we're going local because if you live in New Orleans, you jumped way too early in your draft to take every Saints name you heard about making a nice play in training camp. I get it, but there are some expectations that need to be tempered and others that might be underrated.

Players I like this season...

  1. Coby Fleener: This is the most obvious, and he's the one that local fantasy owners have been jumping to take, and rightfully so. He's very underrated on ESPN's standard draft list. We all saw what Drew Brees and the Saints did with Ben Watson last year, and Fleener brings even more to the table.
  2. C.J. Spiller: The thing that makes Spiller stand out to me is something he said back in the spring. He said in 2015, he didn't feel like his normal self. He had the top end speed (as seen on the game-winner vs. the Cowboys), but not the quick lateral movement that makes him a real weapon. Watching him the pre-season, he danced his way out of several tackles and looked much more like the Spiller the Saints envisioned when the signed him. He had limited touches in the preseason, obviously, but I think with Ingram's value and their desire to get him through a full season, Spiller's snaps will be enough to warrant a flex position start when bye weeks roll around. His explosiveness coupled with the Saints desire to use a running back in the passing game makes him an attractive option.
  3. Michael Thomas: He's been dubbed the heir to Marques Colston, and if training camp is any indication, he could have even more up his sleeve. His big frame and catch radius will make him a great red zone target, probably putting behind only Fleener. If he can develop the ability to run that seam route and catch the back shoulder throw the way Colston did, he becomes a safety's nightmare and touchdown hound.

Players I don't like quite as much...

  1. Mark Ingram: Don't get me wrong. I think Mark Ingram is still one of the better choices at running back, but that offensive line scares me. A back like Ingram makes his money at the goal line, but the holes haven't been there. Then there's his career-high 50 catches last year. That raises his stock in PPR leagues, but again, Spiller was limited last year. He could cut into that number. Ingram is going to be a start, but if you haven't drafted yet, maybe snag him mid 3rd if he's still available. If not, someone else may have done you a favor. Against formidable defenses, try to find another option.
  2. ANY SAINTS KICKER: History under Payton says they won't be around too long, and they could be kicking for their job at any moment. On top of that, they've ranked 29th or worse in the league in field goals made each of the last two seasons. There are way too many other good options out there.

I'll go more league-wide as the season continues and we start to see a few more tendencies. But for now, good luck! Because at the end of the day, that's what fantasy football comes down to.

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