Saints fans sound off on Brees contract

Saints fans sound off on Brees contract

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Fans aren't batting an eye at the $44.3 million price tag Drew Brees landed in his recent contract extension.

"I mean he did get us that Super Bowl, which we thought would never happen, but that's an exorbitant amount of money," said fan Erica Ducarpe.

Contracts aren't always about what you did, but what you're going to do, and for some fans, this contract extension isn't just a promise of wins. At the very least it gives them hope.

"People don't understand, there's not many good quarterbacks in the NFL and the teams that haven't had any success in the last five years is because they don't have a quarterback," said Pam Randazza, who runs Black & Gold Sports Shop. "If you don't have a quarterback, you don't compete and that's what we want. We want to be able to compete and we want to have pride in this team and you're only gonna do that with a good quarterback, so yeah you have to sign him."

Some people think the extension prevents a repeat of what many Louisiana football lovers saw in Lambeau last week.

"If we got rid of him, we'd just look like LSU's offense, all that talent with no quarterback," said fan Sharkie Carlos.

But with just two years guaranteed in the black and gold jersey, some fans think the high price tag, paired with the Saints choice to waive third-round draft pick Garrett Grayson, shows the front office isn't doubling down on the future.

"That's the one that's kind of questionable, you wasted that pick. What's gonna happen? You have Brees, how long can Brees last? Where are the Saints going?" asked fan Sam Anderson.

Still, most Who Dat fans aren't concerned about the future at this point and just hope Brees can continue being a force on the field.

"It's two years, everything he's done for the city and everything it's not that big of a risk, maybe next year you get a quarterback in the draft and he's got a year to groom that cat or something, so I'm good with it," said Craig Morvant, who runs Sports Beat Pub & Café in Metairie.

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