Harry Connick talks to FOX 8's Nancy Parker about new show

Harry Connick talks to FOX 8's Nancy Parker about new show

(WVUE) - Harry Connick Jr. is like the guy next door in New Orleans.

The homegrown talent-turned-superstar now adds daytime host to his long list of accomplishments. The show "Harry" airs next week on FOX 8. Nancy Parker traveled to New York to talk one-on-one with Harry about this new exciting venture.

Nancy: You love to improvise, and I see this new show as far as what i'm hearing as a big jazz improvisation with maybe drums popping in every once in a while - kinda crazy.

Harry: Yeah, it's a lot of music music and spontaneity is at the heart of it. And if you think about showing up at a party and it's a party you really want to go to you, don't know what to expect. There's going to be music, there's going to be people having a good time. You gonna talk to people you didn't expect to talk to you didn't know really where it's going to go. I was asked to think of a slogan for the show and I came up with, 'This is y'all's party,' because it's a party for the people right in the middle of the day with music, lots of laughs, lots of spontaneity.

Nancy: You're funny!

Harry: Well thank you.

Nancy: Your dad says from the beginning when you were a baby and you were beating the metal high chair tray.

Harry: And that's how you can tell how old I am because it was metal.

Nancy: Well, I'm the same age, so we both had metal. You were beating the high chair tray and he said, 'He's got something,' but actually your mom said, 'He's got something.'

Harry: I think she was the one who noticed that.

Nancy: And it turned out perfectly, and I asked him, 'What do people need to know about Harry?' He said, 'That he's a genius.'

Harry: That's very kind.

Nancy: As far as being able to do everything. You've done movies, you've done music, you've done theater, you've done everything, so this is new. How do you feel about this new gig?

Harry: I'm still trying to find something I can do. I keep bouncing around till i find something I'm good at.

Nancy: You are New Orleans, so I have a feeling the 'Harry' show will be a way to show everyone New Orleans every single day.

Harry: We have to keep this under wraps because people in New Orleans will see it clear as day. I'm from New Orleans, I don't try to hide my accent, act any differently. I'm proud of where I come from, but this is a national show and in some cases an international show. And I think if you beat people over the head with our culture every day, they might be sick of it, to be quite honest with you. So how can I portray the spirit of New Orleans in every single show without hammering it, you know? I think the way to do it is to enjoy the day like it is and celebrate the people that are here.

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