Potential new owners may breathe new life into Esplanade Mall

Potential new owners may breathe new life into Esplanade Mall

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - Esplanade Mall in Kenner may be close to getting new owners, according to Kenner's acting mayor Michael Sigur.  Sigur says a new company, Pacific Retail, has taken over management of Esplanade Mall.  That happened on September 1st.  Sigur says it's his understanding that a transaction is pending to sell the property to new investors, but so far, he won't know more until there's an active sale,

Sigur says the Simon Malls, who previously operated the shopping center is now totally out of the picture. Sigur welcomes the the operators, Pacific Retail, calling it a "great thing" for the city of Kenner.

After the sale is done, the new owners reportedly plan to keep Pacific Retail on board to manage the property.   Pacific Retail has plans to revitalize the mall by adding new retail stores and restaurants.

As for one of the main anchor stores at the Esplanade, Sigur believes Macy's may be there to stay.  At this point, he hasn't heard that the Kenner store is on the list of stores that Macy's plans to close in the future.  In fact, he says Macy's at the Esplanade is one of Macy's most profitable stores, and he thinks it will stay.  Sigur says this Macy's offers some different products than some of the others, so it fills a niche that people like.

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