Armed hold-up of Tulane grad student prompts routine alert from university

Tulane Robbery

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Hampson street uptown is lined with nicely kept homes, and its proximity to the Tulane campus, coffee shops, restaurants and night life make it a desirable area for students.

"This area particularly, it does not seem to me like a dangerous area," said business owner Nick Perkin. "I mean, there's people in cafes having dinner outside, coffee outside, so obviously a populated area during the day. Two-thirty in the morning, that's a different story."

It was right around that time Friday when police say a Tulane graduate student and another person were headed home on Hampson and a robber held them up at gunpoint.

The suspect ordered his victims to empty their pockets, and police say the man and a woman in their late 20s did what they were told.

For those who live and work in the area, the news was unsettling.

"Any time you hear of somebody being held up at gunpoint it's concerning," Perkins said. "But what you worry about in this area - what I worry about in this area - is students out walking by themselves, not being aware of their surroundings, maybe they've had a few cocktails, not really aware of where they are, and they can be targets."

Tulane sent out a crime alert to students to notify them of the robbery and urge them to stay alert and report suspicious activity.

Perkin said regardless of how safe the area might seem, it's important to keep your guard up.

"You just have to be vigilant about seeing people around you and not putting yourself in a situation where you're alone and no one can hear you or help you," he said.

Police say the robber got away with cash, hopped in a car driven by a second suspect and the pair took off down Hillary Street to St. Charles. Now police hope someone saw something or heard something that might lead them to an arrest.

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