When Harry met Nancy: Harry Connick Jr. talks about his new daytime show

Nancy Sits Down With Harry Connick Jr.

NEW YORK, NY (WVUE) - New York, West 57th street, Studio 41, is a place New Orleanians should feel right at home.

Harry Connick Jr. launches his new show from here, serving hospitality like only a New Orleanian can.

I sat down with the star on his new set.

"This is a pretty nice set, I could live here!," I said.

"We wanted to do everything by design," Connick replied. "With this screen we could be on the 50th floor of New York City or we could be on Bourbon Street. It just depends on what we put behind it," Connick told me as he glanced around the modern white and blue room.

He said the slogan for his new show is this is y'alls party. A party for the people right in the middle of the day with lots of music laughs.

More than a thousand miles away in New Orleans, his father remembers the singer as an infant beating on a metal high chair with his eating utensils. His mother knew then he was destined for greatness.

"He was keeping time with them music and I said, I'll be damned, for an infant to hear that!" his father said.

Harry Connick Sr., a longtime New Orleans D.A., watches his children soar.

His son made his name famous.

"Harry just sat down as a baby and played 'When the Saints Go Marching In', and combined some chords. It was fun to watch him grow up," he said. "I think that's when the bug really hit him to be a performer."

When he landed the soundtrack of when Harry Met Sally, the world became addicted to his talent.

And he's loyal to his hometown of New Orleans.

"We have to keep this under wraps because people in New Orleans will see it clear as day. I'm from New Orleans. I don't try to hide my accent or act any differently. I'm proud of where I come from but this is a national show and in some cases an international show. If you beat people over the head with our culture every day, they might be sick of it to be quite honest," he said.

I'm already the guy from New Orleans. It's not like we have to throw beads and have parades every day. It's the essence of who I am."

He has the same band he's had since the 90's, with lots of sounds from home.

"Everybody knows how I feel about New Orleans and Louisiana. I don't think I'd be sitting here had it not been for the people I love. I pinch myself every time I walk on this set. I can't believe that's my name there. I count my blessings every day for that," he said.

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