Musical maverick Beck brings genre-bending act to New Orleans

Musical maverick Beck brings genre-bending act to New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - When rain washed out the headliners at the second Saturday of Jazz Fest this year, it killed the chance to see what should have been some special performances, in particular from Beck. But weather won't be an issue this time around as the musical chameleon takes it indoors at the Saenger Thursday night.

Beck is a singular voice in music these days, mixing genres like rock, rap, hip-hop, psychedelia, folk, world music and much more. The multi-talented multi-instrumentalist (he reportedly plays dozens) has created some of the most interesting music of the last two decades.

Beck's latest tour follows the release of a couple of new singles including "Wow" this summer that hit the charts and is reportedly for a future album.


Beck, born Beck David Campbell in L.A. in 1970, comes from an artistic family. His mother Bibbe was part of Andy Warhol's art scene in the 60's while Beck's father, David, worked as an arranger, composer and conductor on hundreds of albums.

In 1994 Beck broke nationally with the eclectic "Loser" from his "Mellow Gold" album.


When Beck released "Odelay" two years later, the world discovered a musical maverick who would keep his fans and music lovers guessing at what he would create next. The platinum selling album won two Grammy's and produced hits "Where it's at" and "Devil's Haircut."

Devil's Haircut

Beck's creative binges would grow stronger as he released album after album of genre-bending music. The Grammy winning album "Mutations" featured forays into the Latin-infused "Tropicalia" to the haunting psychedelic folk of "Nobody's Fault but My Own."

For his 1999 album "Midnight Vultures", Beck showed he could funk rock jam with the best of them like on "Sexx Laws". As he channeled Prince for the soulfully witty "Debra", Beck proved there was nothing he wouldn't try musically.

Sexx Laws

In 2002 a change of pace for Beck as he released "Sea Change" with a set of acoustic inspired singer-songwriter songs. It was well received critically and continued Beck's ever evolving musical landscape.

But as some things change, with Beck some things can remain the same, well sort of. "Guero" was released in 2005 and some compared it to his hit album "Odelay". "E-Pro" and "Girl" were hit singles released from "Guero."


After releasing "The Information" and "Modern Guilt" in '06 and '08 respectively, Beck found himself experimenting on a number of musical adventures. Then in 2014 Beck may have created his most beautiful work with "Morning Phase."

A companion piece to the 2002 "Sea Change" album, Beck drew inspiration from acoustic 60's folk. The album stunned many, including Kanye West, when it won Album of the Year at the Grammy's in 2015.

Beck went back in time but made a stunningly fresh album and while it takes a few listens to lock in, once you do, you may find yourself hooked.

Heart is a Drum

Beck performs at 8 p.m. Thursday at the Saenger.

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