Disney pulls healthy gumbo recipe after social media backlash

Disney pulls healthy gumbo recipe after social media backlash

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - No one can agree on the perfect gumbo recipe. The debate sparked many "my momma's is better than your momma's" conversations.

However, folks on the internet can agree on one thing: Disney don't know gumbo.

After an outcry online, particularly on social media, the entertainment company took down Princess Tiana's controversial healthy gumbo recipe video.

In what many Louisianans believe was a poor, misguided effort, Disney tried to commemorate the movie "The Princess and the Frog" with a gumbo recipe. The 2009 animated movie was based in New Orleans.

The recipe excluded roux - truly a bold adventure for the creole princess. But the addition of kale and quinoa to the mix sent the region into a "kiss my grits" frenzy.

It appears Disney removed all traces of this abomination Tuesday night from its social accounts. But you can't silence an angry Cajun. Especially after a Saints loss.

Other "The Princess and the Frog" related social posts incurred the public's wrath.

Comments under this Facebook post included:

"Does the app come with an apology for the crime against nature you committed in that "gumbo" video"

"LOL, as a stockholder and DVC member, I sure hope any future Disney rides or restaurants based on this character include more research than that horrible and least-authentic recipe y'all posted as a "bayou favorite"... I don't know what bayou you visited, but it sure wasn't anywhere near Louisiana! Yuck. Just YUCK."

The recipe turned some Louisianans against each other:

"In all honesty, you can't even get a decent bowl of gumbo in New Orleans. It's a shame that tourists think a lot of that gunk they serve in New Orleans restaurants is gumbo. If you want authentic gumbo, come on over to Bayou Lafourche and find a real cook."

It also inspired some creative filmmaking:

Regardless of what you think of the Disney debacle, my momma's gumbo is better than your momma's.

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