Officials say a parent punched coach in face without provocation

Parent accused of socking coach in face 'completely unprovoked'

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - There was a serious flag on the play Monday evening at Pontiff Playground when Lance Faucheux, 46, punched his son's football coach in the face, according to a Jefferson Parish arrest report.

Deputies said Faucheux was complaining to the 7- and 8-year olds' peewee football coach about his son's playing time and position, when he hit him in the left side of the face with a closed fist. According to Jefferson Parish recreation leaders, the punch was completely unprovoked.

"There's no place at all for that. Let the coaches coach, and they play the kids at the position that the kids are best to play at," said Ronnie Lusco, who was watching his grandson play flag football Wednesday.

Deputies reported that Faucheux tried to continue the assault, but an assistant coach was able to hold him back and eventually made Faucheux leave the field with his son.

"You have to control yourself. We all feel like punching someone in the face at some point, but you have to control yourself or else we'd have a chaotic society," said Jessica Couret, who was picking up her son from practice.

The coach filed charges, and deputies arrested Faucheux at his home, charging him with battery of a school athletic official.

For some parents, it raises serious questions about how much they should leave to the coach.

"I think a lot of parents get involved and they shouldn't. I think you've got to have faith in your coach, and you've got to let them coach your team. If you've got an issue with the coach, you talk to him after the game, but don't go start any trouble," said Joe Grabert, a parent at the park.

Other parents were angry to hear that aggression like that would happen on the youth field.

"It makes me feel so sad that parents can be so angry, not only with the coach, because the coaches are all volunteers," said Anne Demontluzin, who raised her children playing football at the playground. "But with their child also, to say their child didn't perform correctly, they're out there screaming at their child to make this play, that play, they did it wrong - it's not sportsmanship!"

Faucheux is suspended from all Jefferson Parish recreation facilities pending a visit and explanation to the JP recreational office.

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