One for the Weekend: 'Flipside' released by Norah Jones

One for the Weekend: 'Flipside' released by Norah Jones

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Missing Norah Jones lately? If so you're in for a treat. Jones is back with her 6th solo album "Day Break", which will be released October 7th. Jones last major solo work was 2012's "Little Broken Hearts."

Jones helped bring jazz into the mainstream with her mega-hit debut "Come Away With Me" in 2002, winning five Grammy's and becoming the "it" musician of the moment. Jones has stretched her songwriting skills through the years spinning jazz, blues, pop and folk along the way.

Her latest song "Flipside" is familiar and exciting territory for the singer-songwriter. The song features New York jazz organist Dr. Lonnie Smith and while Jones says she wrote the song on piano, Smith and his organ have inspired some of her latest work.

"At the Blue Note 75th concert another person I saw perform that night was Dr. Lonnie Smith and he sounded so great," said Jones. "I've been into the organ lately so he came and played Hammond B3 on Flipside."


Jones is back on the road for a jaunt across the U.S. and Europe to support the new album. The closest she's set to come to this area at this time though is Washington D.C. in December.

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