Saints fans still optimistic, despite loss to Giants

Saints fans still optimistic, despite loss to Giants

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - It looked like the Black and Gold was giving fans a reason to cheer Sunday afternoon but as the seconds melted away it appeared it was the same story, just a different day.

"They let us down man, every time they got a little bit of a lead, they got it on lock and they just blow it! We're not closers this year, we've got to get out fourth quarter game back," said Alison Wolf, who was celebrating her birthday and hoping for a Saints win.

But fans aren't giving up the ghost on the Saints season, even with two losses on the board.

"They're having a rough start, but they could come back, they could come back," said Saints fan Jonathan Lamb.

"We got one Super Bowl, we finally figured out how to do it, we'll get another one eventually. The season's not over, you can always turn it around, it's an unfortunate loss, it hurts, but we can still do this," said Trey Partain, who was watching the game with friends.

That unwavering belief in Who Dat fans is echoed by the crew that cares for Whooty the Owl, the so-called official mascot of Saints Super Fans, who knows Saints fans will always find a reason to cheer.

"We've got the best fans in the world! At the end of the day, we're still celebrating New Orleans, we're still celebrating the Saints, it's always a party win or lose in New Orleans, baby, that's what Whooty the Owl is all about," said Bradley Spieler, who cares for the winged mascot.

For some fans at Bayou Beer Garden in Mid-City, the result of the game doesn't change the ability to pass a good time watching it.

"This is the best game I saw so far, I had a ball! The Beer Garden is the best place to watch the game, I don't care where they got the game on, we come here every week," said Lorraine Borja, who was watching the game with her husband.

But no matter where you catch the game, fans know there's never a chance to change the channel.

"They are giving us every single reason to keep our attention on the screen, watching the game until the end. They keep us on our toes, that's why I love the Saints no matter what they do, we watch the game, we're in the game," said Joy Soublet, a die-hard Saints fan.

And that's why the true Black and Gold faithful know, with a decent defensive showing today, the magic recipe for success has to be just around the corner.

"I've got to say 0-2 is not a good start, obviously I wanted to go 2-0, but I will say I'm optimistic. These games were very close losses, so I will say we have a shot, I'm always gonna be optimistic, said Saints fan Gerald Urcuyo.

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