Juan's World: The Saints are 0-2. How bad is dat?

Juan's World: The Saints are 0-2. How bad is dat?

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World where for the third straight year, Saints fans are being asked by 'their' team to BELIEVE. Believe that they're gonna be able to turn this season around.

After just two games, both loses, the Saints are banking on their fans sticking by them., And they will because that's just what this fan base has 'ALWAYS' done. Stuck by their team despite what they know to be the truth. That their team, their Super Bowl winner of seven years ago, are as far away from winning another as they've ever been. I mean, it's not as bad as the Archie Manning days, but sometimes, with this team, it feels like it.

This was the supposed to be the season in which it all came together. That the 'extra' emphasis placed on winning in the preseason was supposed to carry over into the regular season. Sadly, it seems that we were all drinking the Kool-Aid because the Saints haven't won a game since January 3, 2015. Including the preseason, they've now lost six straight games. Surely they haven't forgotten 'how' to win?

Sean Payton told us, told you, that getting off to a fast start this season was imperative to their overall success this season. That having a winning record after the first quarter of the season was crucial to them making the playoffs. Payton's obviously been reminded of his record when the team starts 0-2. They've 'NEVER' made the playoffs under Payton when they've opened the season with two straight loses.

This early season has felt so desperate. A ton of roster changes over the past two weeks. Some because of injuries. Others because of Payton's choices. He's paid for some of his moves. And it remains to be seen if some of his roster moves will pay off down the line.

But, it's very clear that the Who Dat nation is growing tired of the losing. Growing tired of the bad front office decisions. Growing tired of supporting a franchise that seems to be sailing along, rutter-less, without a captain at the wheel.

There's still 14-weeks left in the season. Fourteen weeks to change the narrative. The hated Dirty Birds come to town next Monday night. What better way to get this ship headed in the right direction.

Only time will tell.

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