After Further Review: Saints face sobering 0-2 reality

After Further Review: Saints face sobering 0-2 reality

NEW YORK (WVUE) - Four points. That's the difference between an 0-2 Saints team and one that could be 2-0.

Four points. Over two games.

It's tough to watch this team and know that there are parts that are playing well enough to win consistently. It's even tougher to count the enormous number of opportunities that have been squandered.

Sunday was a different breakdown. The Saints have preached takeaways all training camp and preseason. On Sunday, the battered and bruised defense got three. But those three fumble recoveries resulted in zero points from the Saints offense. One week after lighting up the Raiders defense, Drew Brees and the offense were woefully inefficient against New York.

Asking the defense to shut down an elite group of receivers for that long finally caught up to them in the final drive. Victor Cruz's brilliant third down catch over Ken Crawley essentially ended all hope for their first win of the year.

"I was really shocked that he threw it. I turned my head and it was in my hands, but he just out-muscled me," Crawley said. "He is a great receiver. He looks good out there, and he just made a play."

And that's really what is all boils down to in the NFL. Which team is going to make the timely plays at the crucial time?

The Saints have failed to do so despite ample opportunities to get it done.

Now, they face the sobering reality of an 0-2 start for the third year in a row. In the NFL, the odds of making playoffs after losing the first two games is 12%. For the Saints, under Payton, it's 0%.

They've never done it before in four previous tries. And now, unfortunately, they'll get a fifth chance to change history.

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