Newly released video shows former District Attorney's advances

Newly released video shows former District Attorney's advances

HAHNVILLE, LA (WVUE) - The St Charles Parish Sheriff's office is releasing new video and documents in the investigation of convicted former District Attorney Harry Morel.

That evidence has the head of the Metropolitan Crime Commission calling for more charges. It is chilling video of an afternoon encounter, with a woman named Danelle Keim, and Former D.A. Harry Morel, who said he wanted to help her with a DUI charge.

"Come here, we got ten minutes, come kiss me...ummm...," said Morel to Keim, with FBI camera rolling, as they sat on her apartment sofa back in 2012.

FBI evidence released to FOX 8 and the St Charles Sheriff's office, shows Morel went to Keim's apartment at a moments notice to help her negotiate a community service deal for her crime.

"How about I see the papers first...about community service," said Keim on the video as she spurned his advances.

The new evidence also includes a letter from a frustrated FBI agent, over the length of time, it took to bring charges against Morel, who had been on the FBI's radar  since 2001.

"To his credit, he's principled. He believes the system didn't hold the right people accountable for the crimes they committed...maybe the last chance was the state prosecutions, but you're not seeing justice there either," said Rafael Goyeneche with the Metropolitan Crime Commission.
Morel pleaded guilty  to federal obstruction of justice charges, and got a three-year sentence, but newly released FBI documents indicate he may have had sex with as many as 38 women.

"This is extortion. It's using your office, it's bad to use it for money, he took it to another level, using your public office to take advantage of citizens," said Goyeneche.

But whether or not this video results in new charges, remains to be seen.

Goyeneche says this newly released evidence is strong enough for the St. Charles D.A. to present to a grand jury.

"I can't think of anyone else who used their public office in as inappropriate of a way as Harry Morel," Goyeneche said.

However current St Charles D.A. Joel Chaisson recused himself from the case, since Morel used to work for him.

According to the St. Charles Sheriff's Office, the attorney general has declined further charges against Morel.

"If you believe there's a viable offense, charge him and let the attorney general's office deal with him," said Goyeneche. The new video was released after a request by FOX 8's Lee Zurik.

For his part, Morel's attorney, Ralph Capitelli said he would have to see the new evidence before commenting.  Capitelli says based on what he knows of the case, he doesn't see any basis for additional charges against Morel, the former top prosecutor in St Charles Parish, for more than 30 years.

Normally, a diversion program is designed to assist a defendant in getting help needed to overcome the problem which led to their offense.  Danelle Keim got no help, and later died of a drug overdose. Morel begins serving his three-year sentence on obstruction, later this month.

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