Mark Wahlberg's Deepwater Horizon honors 11 oil workers killed

Mark Wahlberg's Deepwater Horizon honors 11 oil workers killed

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The Deepwater Horizon spill cost millions of dollars and affected thousands of people, but none more than the eleven families of the men killed in the explosion.

The movie, Deepwater Horizon, aims to capture their tale, directed by Peter Berg with veteran Mark Wahlberg at the helm of the cast, the movie worked hard to honor the men killed in 2010.

"We wanted to honor the people who lost their lives and the people who risked their lives on the Deepwater Horizon, knowing what our intentions are going into it from a good place, it's a lot of responsibility, we wanted to get it right and we were committed to doing that," Mark Wahlberg said.

Mike Williams survived the explosion and was portrayed in the movie by Wahlberg. He thinks the actors got it right, showing his story as he rushed to save the men he worked with on the rig minutes after the explosion.

"It was a completely out of body experience, I could not imagine what I was witnessing was actually happening and so my training kind of took over and I went through the motions," Williams said.

On the premiere carpet it was easy to get lost in the star-studded cast, but it was the widows whose world was rocked that morning, like Natalie Deason and Courtney Kemp Robertson, who got a chance to get a glimpse into their husbands' final hours.

"Inside his hardhat, Shane had our anniversary date and Blane's birthday in it and just to see that in real life, I don't have a hardhat that says that, I don't have a red jumpsuit to keep and seeing him walk down the steps to us, was very emotional," Deason, whose husband Shane Roshto was killed, said.

"[Roy] was a derrick hand, he just got promoted to assistant driller and it really is humbling for him to be honored in this magnitude and I just really feel very honored today," Robertson, whose husband Roy White Kemp was killed, said.

That's why, no matter the performance at the box office, the men and women who made the movie a reality think it's a success for the men who will never see their story told.

"This is absolutely for them, this is to honor their legacy and to show the world that they didn't just lay down and die, they were fighting, the entire time they were fighting," Williams said.

Deepwater Horizon opens nationwide on Thursday night.

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