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Zurik: FBI closes investigation of Troy Hebert

WAFB file photo of former ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert WAFB file photo of former ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert

The FBI investigation into a former high ranking member of the Jindal administration appears to be over.  

It's an investigation we first reported in January. Our sources told us the FBI was looking into whether former ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert used his position to receive sexual favors from a New Orleans woman.

A New Orleans businessman confirmed to FOX 8 News in January that the FBI had interviewed his girlfriend, who runs a local steakhouse. But according to New Orleans CityBusiness, that investigation has now ended.

Last week an FBI agent testified in federal court in Baton Rouge about another case: former state liquor lobbyist Chris Young is asking the court to dismiss child pornography charges he faces. During testimony, FBI agent Maurice Hattier said Young's name was brought up during their investigation of Troy Hebert.  And the FBI agent testified the public corruption investigation of Hebert is now closed, meaning it's over.

The FBI would not provide us with a comment on the testimony or closed case.

Troy Hebert sent us this statement:

You know the system is broken when you take on the bad guys and they end up having you investigated.  This is just one more reason why voters are sick and tired of our government. The real question you should be asking is, if the federal government is watching us, who is watching them?

Hebert is one of about two dozen candidates running for David Vitter's U.S. Senate seat.

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