Fans won't cry over less Les in Death Valley

Fans react to Les Miles fired

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - He was a fixture on Saturday nights in Baton Rouge, from the hat teetering on the top of his head, that one-of-a-kind palm clap, his bovine-like tendencies nibbling grass from the field to the trick plays that kept Tiger fans' hearts at a steady cardiovascular burn, Les Miles leaves a legacy.

But it was the other things that pushed Miles out of Death Valley, the poor clock management, the quarterback struggles, and the losses at the highest level. It's why many fans aren't shedding any tears.

"It was time, we needed a change. I know a lot of players, we get a lot of recruits in and they love him, but coaching wise, I don't think he can coach. He's not that good of a coach, he makes bad decisions," Ryan Guidry, a season ticket holder, said.

Still, some fans just can't believe Miles is packing.

"Just because a coach has a bad couple of games is no reason for you to fire him, okay last season, maybe not that much, but it doesn't give you the right to fire him," Christal Fleming, an LSU fan, said.

"It ain't his fault they fired him, he didn't do nothing wrong, it's not his fault, why they keep firing these coaches when it's not his fault, he can't win every game," Ava Roberts, an LSU fan, said.

But for the die-hards, that's exactly what they expect: Win every game. It seems for the LSU athletic program, it was clear the Mad Hatter just didn't have the recipe for a perfect season.

"At some point, you've got to look at the top and say maybe something at the top is wrong. I think Les Miles is a very good coach, he just hasn't been able to do what he needs to do at LSU and the program should be a top five program every year, so we've got to find someone to make that happen," David Greene, an LSU fan, said.

Between Louisiana, Texas, and the rest of the SEC, there's fertile training ground for Tiger recruits. It's why fans hope whoever commands the sidelines in Death Valley can make something of the unquestionable talent at LSU.

"I think we're heading in the right direction. I think we've had too many times where we should've won the National Championship and it was given away. When you look at the number of players in the NFL that came through LSU you've got a lot of talent here and we've wasted it, so we're looking forward to a new beginning," Harold Hall, an LSU fan, said.

However fans take it, there's less Les in Baton Rouge now, for some it's a breath of fresh air, others will miss the nonsensical answers and fiery responses from Miles during his press conferences, but at the end of the day, next Saturday night at Death Valley, the chance of rain remains zero, but the chances for the man that led the charge for more than a decade are done.

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