Saints lovers forge bond in Black and Gold

Saints lovers forge bond in Black and Gold

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Saints fans know how to tailgate - it's in their Black and Gold blood, and when it comes to the Dirty Birds of Atlanta, they're not afraid to put a few pins in the voodoo doll and fry up the competition.

For one Who Dat, Brian Falcon, there's always some self-loathing when the Saints match up with Atlanta in the Dome.

"Two weeks out of the year, I hate my last name. My last name is a rock star last name, but except for two weeks out of the year," Falcon said.

This game carries so much meaning for fans because of the tilt 10 years ago, when Who Dat Nation first returned to the Dome after Katrina. It brings back chills for fans thanks to the team and the hero, Steve Gleason, who re-galvanized New Orleans in a single block.

"It was just an amazing feeling to me. The Saints couldn't do anything wrong, and I don't care which team they played that night. The Saints would've gone through them," said Kevin Gomez, who lives in Atlanta but supports the Saints.

"Steve Gleason was a fantastic athlete and God bless him and everyone else who's fighting the battle that he's fighting, but we'll be here from now on for all the Steve Gleasons out there," said tailgater Mike Deckleman.

It's one reason why fans keep coming out for every home game, despite the losing record, to support their beloved Saints.

"We are here no matter what, 'til death do us part," said fan Jason Renton.

Speaking of vows, one couple made it official before the game. Kelly Fiorella and his new bride, Andrea May-Fiorella, had thousands of guests at their wedding in Champions Square.

"I didn't want to spend the money for [a wedding] honestly, so she said let's do something simple, but she wanted the wow factor," Fiorella said.

So they invited their friends and family and wore their best Black and Gold to Champions Square - the perfect venue for Saints lovers.

"It's the Superdome! It couldn't be better! This is one of our rivals, it's the biggest rivalry, it couldn't get any better and it's free, Champions Square!" May-Fiorella said.

A bond forged in Black and Gold.

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