Opponents of short-term rentals hold jazz funeral at City Hall

Opponents of short-term rentals hold jazz funeral at City Hall

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The fight over short-term rentals in New Orleans made its way to City Hall on Tuesday, where demonstrators held a jazz funeral. The participants said they're mourning their neighborhoods.

"I've seen my neighbors been pushed out in St. Roch, specifically because of whole house rentals," Troy Glover said.

With as many as 4,000 unregulated short-term rental units across the city, they stood together asking the City Council not to pass regulations that would pave the way for whole house rentals.

"The real problem is when people buy up homes, rent them out on Airbnb, and they're not ever there and you don't know who they are and you don't have any kind of accountability for the type of guests that they bring," Bywater resident Devin Dewulf said.

Eric Bay, the president of the Alliance for Neighborhood Prosperity, rents out his home and disagrees.

"Someone coming to my home, I know who they are, I communicate with them months and months in advance," Bay said.

Bay said that short-term rentals work when homeowners take it seriously.

"It's our responsibility as hosts not only to protect our homes but to protect the quiet and the respectful quiet enjoyment of our neighbors on the block," Bay said.

The council is expected to vote next week on a recommendation by the Planning Commission for new rules regulating the short-term rental industry. People on both sides of the issue want their voices heard.

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