Saints continue painful start to season

Saints continue painful start to season

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Welcome and Juan's world where, if you've noticed, I like to wait 24 hours before dropping an opinion on the Saints. I feel like I should preface my first statement by saying they're not what we thought they would be.

The Saints defense is really bad. For the second time in three years, what I saw in training camp looks nothing like what I'm seeing in the regular season, when it counts the most.

Yes, of course they've had their share of injuries, but what NFL team doesn't have to deal with injuries. Last night in the Dome, we saw early on what kind of Saints team we're dealing with this year.

They can look great one minute, then do something unspeakable the next. What a start to the game, on historic night of remembrance for the Saints. Scoring on their opening drive. Then, getting a defense of stop on the Falcons opening drive. Only to give the ball back to the Falcons after a couple of Saints players pull a Three Stooges move.

De'Vante to Harris running into punt returner Tommy Lee Lewis. Two NFL rookies trying to make a play, trying to do the right thing and it backfires. Falcons got the ball back, score a touchdown.

The momentum that was built, the euphoria that had taken over the dome, was gone. Just as Steve Gleason's punt block did 10 years prior, sending the Falcons a message that this would not be there night.

Special-teams, once again, served as a reminder that this would not be one teams night. Problem was, that one team, was the Saints.

Good teams are able to overcome their own simple mistakes. Bad teams simply succumb to them. The Saints are drowning, with no life preserver, no rescue boat and no lifeguard in sight. We can all see it happening before very eyes.

We all think that with 13 game still play, there's still hope for the season. But if there's one thing we learned over the last two years and especially doing Sean Payton's time as head coach, it's that his teams don't do well with comebacks.

Recovery is not in Paytons vocabulary or at least it hasn't been exercised on a regular basis. So now we're left with the team fighting for respectability. With the team and a fan base left wondering, if another seven and nine season is in store which, along with that, comes another year of no postseason.

Again, there are 13 weeks to go in the season. Plenty of time to turn the ship around. And I want to believe that this team has the pieces to do so, but until they do it I'll just sit back and think about what could've been. I'll think about how, once again, this team isn't what I thought they would be based on the preseason.

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