Appeals court hears arguments on Confederate era monuments

Appeals court hears arguments on Confederate era monuments

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments today from both sides in the fight over Confederate era monuments around the City of New Orleans.

The court kept in place an earlier ruling allowing the monuments to remain in place until a three-judge panel has an opportunity to weigh the arguments.

The court gave no time frame for its ruling.

In a statement, the city of New Orleans was unwavering in its belief that the monuments are a nuisance and should be removed.

"We remain steadfast in our commitment to taking down the four monuments voted on by City Council. At this time, we respect and will abide by the court's order to not remove them while the matter is pending and we appreciated the opportunity to present our case to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals today.

"The City maintains that it is well within its rights to manage its own property.  And when challenged, this authority has been upheld in both federal and state court.  We understand the public's frustration with the timing of this process and ask for continued patience as we move forward."

The Monumental Task Force said it was glad the court kept its earlier ruling in place.

We were …" pleased to present our case today before the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. We appreciate the Fifth Circuit's prior order maintaining the monuments in place, and we look forward to a ruling that will continue to protect the monuments until a final ruling by the trial court," the committee said in an emailed statement.

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