Third graders learn to prevent Zika virus

Third graders learn to prevent Zika virus

TERRYTOWN, LA (WVUE) - Ask an 8-year-old about the Zika virus and you get the impression they want to know more.

"It's a disease, that's all I know," said one third-grader at Christ the King school.

"Has anyone heard the word Zika before?"

While the 31 total Zika cases in Louisiana weren't caused by a bite from mosquitoes, biologist Andrew Carpenter at Mosquito Control Services didn't pass up the chance to teach.

"Mosquitoes don't just bite and make you itch, they can bite and make you sick," he explained to the students.

The lesson is a profound one for the 37 students, even one they can take home and act on themselves.

"Sometimes your parents may be too busy to clean it up and to dump out the water, so what you can do, you can help them out," Carpenter said.

It was a fun way to learn a serious lesson certainly not taken lightly by the students.

"Mostly everything I learned about Zika is pretty scary," said one.

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