Jim Henderson's Black & Gold Breakdown: Saints at Chargers

Jim Henderson's Black & Gold Breakdown: Saints at Chargers

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Before the season, it was never anticipated that as the Saints headed to San Diego they would "go worst young men." And yet they do. 0 and 3. Along with the Browns, Bears and Jaguars, tied for the worst record in the NFL.

The Chargers aren't much better at 1 and 2, and like the Saints, in the basement of their division.

The Chargers have suffered major injuries on offense. The Saints have suffered theirs on defense. Stopping the run is what the Saints currently do worst in the NFL. It's what the Charger defense does best - sixth in the NFL.

The Charger offense is the third-highest scoring in the league. The Saints defense is second-worst in the NFL at preventing points.

But with just three games played in the season thus far, those trends are subject to change. However, with the Saints off to their second straight 0 and 3 start and the Chargers 1 and 2 for the third time in coach Mike McCoy's four seasons, fans of both franchises are restless and concerned that another losing season awaits.

If Drew Brees upon his return to San Diego can manufacture enough points with the number one passing offense in the NFL to overcome the Saints second-to-last defense to keep it close in the fourth quarter, the Chargers and certainly their fans could well be nervous.

San Diego led in the fourth quarter of both of their losses. In their last 14 games that were decided by one score, the Chargers are 3 and 11.

It represents the Saints' best chance in the foreseeable future to get if not well, at least better. If not, it gets considerably worse with the bye week looming and a long time to ruminate about what's gone wrong and who's responsible.

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