Will they or won't they? All eyes looking to see if Bonnabel takes another knee

Will they or won't they? All eyes looking to see if Bonnabel takes another knee

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - The Bonnabel high football team will play its first game tonight since players stirred controversy with a protest during the Star Spangled Banner at a game last week.

While one alumni group pulled support for the team, another is stepping up in its place.

When the Bonnabel Bruins take the field at Burhman Stadium at 7 p.m. to face Landry Walker, the question on the minds of many is whether they will take a knee or not during the National Anthem.

What isn't in doubt is the withdrawal of support from the Bonnabel Alumni Association, they canceled a week of events and donations ahead of tonight's game.

Another group formed on Facebook, called Support our Bruins, this morning has over 1,800 members and has pledged to support the team and their right to exercise free speech.

This all comes a week after photos surfaced of the entire team taking a knee during last week's game, a gesture other alumni have come forward calling a right to the students.

"We are going to step in, and we are going to reach out to partners and local stores," said Overton LaGrue, a Bonnabel alumni. "Some have already given monetary donations. We are going to do our best to provide whatever it is that they need."

For their part, the Alumni Association reiterated their position saying, in part, via email: "they will never understand what they have done and are doing to destroy our country's core values and beliefs and honor those that protect our rights."

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