Andrew DiRocco defies death threats to succeed at Tulane

Andrew DiRocco defies death threats to succeed at Tulane

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Andrew DiRocco's first season with the Wave was rough to say the least. In 2014 he missed more than half of his kicks. Those trials and tribulations as a true freshman finally paid off against ULL. He nailed a career-high 48-yard field goal, that propelled Tulane to a quadruple overtime victory.

"I looked at him in the eye, he gave me the nod, and I was like alright he's got this. If he misses it, it is what it is, but he made it, put it right down the heart. That could've been good from 52, so he kind of surprised me," said quarterback Glen Cuiellette.

"I was happy to have the opportunity to go out that far. I talked with coach he said it was iffy to go past 40 yards. It came down to it, and I was just happy to prevail, and keep the team going," said kicker Andrew DiRocco.

It's been a hard-knock life for DiRocco and his time with the Wave, and he learned very quickly there's a down side to playing college football.

"I was receiving death threats from people, random texts, letters, the whole nine yards," said DiRocco. "I got really down at one point. The team came together, and got me. Half of the people aren't even sober watching the game so. I'm not worrying about anyone outside of the stadium. Honestly I'm really grateful for it, very mentally strong now."

And now the hate mail and mean text have changed their tone after the ULL game.

"Funny part is I got a text this past Saturday that said you won me money. A big coincidence there," laughed DiRocco.

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