Get Stung by Sting

Get Stung by Sting

(WVUE) - Ever wonder if Sting would put out another rock record, something with some...sting to it? Looks like that's happening as the legendary musician gets set to release his first pop-rock album in more than a decade. "57th and 9th" is set to come out Nov. 11 and features "I Can't Stop Thinking About You," which was just released on video. The album apparently came together in just weeks.

"It happened very quickly, very spontaneously," Sting says. "My idea always is to surprise myself and the people I'm working with—and, hopefully, the listeners."

The title "57th and 9th" comes from the street corner in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood in New York that Sting walked by on his way to the studio where he recorded the album. The politically motivated artist drew inspiration from the Syrian crisis to the deaths of music icons David Bowie and Prince.

"It's about searching and traveling, the road, that pull of the unknown." he says. "On this album, we ended up with something that's energetic and noisy, but also thoughtful."

Martin Kierszenbaum, also known as Cherry Cherry Boom Boom produced the album. Kierszenbaum is also a music executive that has worked with a number of artists including Lady Gaga and Madonna.

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