Nicondra: Fantastic weather continues

Nicondra: Fantastic weather continues

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - It's gorgeous out there with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 80s. Although we are basking in the effects of the first real cold front of the season as we kick off November it's worth noting that September was an incredibly warm month. As a matter of fact 2016 is going on record as the highest mean temperature at Armstrong International Airport since record keeping began in 1946. The mean ended up being 85.2 beating out 1980 with 83.2.

Looking back really helps us appreciate the fantastic weather we have this weekend. Temperatures will remain comfortable in the middle 80s and rain looks to stay away through the middle of the week when we get another cold front digging south across the area. Expect that weak front to possibly produce a few showers by Thursday. Overall, it looks like a great stretch of fabulous weather to start the week.

Matthew topped out as a Category 5 hurricane late Friday as it began it's slow turn to the north. It still looks like it won't be an issue for the Gulf as it is beginning to make the sharp right turn towards Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba. The Bahamas will feel some of it's effects next week as well. Call ahead if you have travel plans to any of the affected areas. Eventually, it could also be problematic for parts of the East Coast. It isn't a threat to the Gulf at this time, but it's worth keeping an eye on as one of the most intense storms this season.

- Nicondra Norwood

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