After Further Review: Saints beat Chargers, reporter learns his lesson

After Further Review: Saints beat Chargers, reporter learns his lesson

SAN DIEGO, CA (WVUE) - I know better.

At around the eight-minute mark of the fourth quarter, I had my post game script written. The Saints had just punted the ball back to the Chargers down, 34-21 and were well on their way to an 0-4 start.

On the ride from elevator to the field two other reporters and I discussed how down the locker room was going to be after this ugly loss.

I know better.

As I emerged from the stadium tunnel onto the field, the Saints were lining up for a fourth down near the goal line to cut the lead.

'What just happened?' I asked myself.

It turned out, while we were preparing for misery, the Saints kept competing. Rookie Vonn Bell, in his first career start, forced a fumble that Daryl Tapp recovered. Michael Thomas then scored to make it, 34-28. On the Chargers next play, Nate Stupar recovered Travis Benjamin's fumble which set up John Kuhn's third touchdown of the game. At that point deciphering the hosts from the visitors in Qualcomm Stadium was impossible.

"That last drive felt like a home game," an emotional Drew Brees said after the game.

B.W. Webb then iced it with an interception. Suddenly, the emotions had completely flipped. The Saints were winners for the first time all season. My script went in the garbage.

The Saints forced me to write a new one. One that went from 'season over' to possibly 'season saved.'

'Possibly' being the key word there. As exciting as Sunday's finish was, the Saints are still 1-3 with a long way to go. One thing is for sure though, this reporter won't start his post game stories early again this season.

As the Saints reminded me Sunday, I know better.

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